SPENCER VLADIMIR is about loving the day to day process of curating extravagantly made knitwear. Emphasizing the luxurious qualities of cashmere, merino, silk, cotton and viscose, a SPENCER VLADIMIR is executed with hand technology. We pride ourselves on the two who do it all, Allyson Spencer and Vladimir Teriokhin juggle the responsibility between building a business and maintaining art, for art's sake. Each handmade garment they design and produce breaks all boundaries of classic and cool, creating a world of its own. Conveying precision, attention to detail, and humor, our dynamic duo is conquering the knitwear community.

With each stitch, you feel the warmth and love that comes right from our NYC studio to your closet. SPENCER VLADIMIR gives a quality that speaks volumes to the high-end competitors. Our goal is to deliver you a sweater that evokes a new refreshed confidence in whoever wears it. We want to be on you!

Produced in New York, Ukraine, Nepal and Italy, combining traditional craftsmanship with innovative and artisanal techniques, SPENCER VLADIMIR is truly for a woman who is trying to do it all!

Ally and Vlad hope you will enjoy the experience of wearing a SPENCER VLADIMIR.